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Introducing Help for High-Conflict Couples

Jennine Estes Powell, LMFT and Jacqueline Wielick, LMFT uncover how to use Emotionally Focused Therapy & the science of attachment to build lasting connection.

Help for High-Conflict Couples is filled with tools and guides to help you manage high-conflict situations and build a stronger foundation. Join our mailing list to download the first tool, 11 Emotion Hacks to Cool Conflict, absolutely free!
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If you are in the midst of a crisis or want to strengthen your bond
this book is for you.
Help for High-Conflict Couples is rooted in the transformative power of Emotionally Focused Therapy.
We combine evidence-based practice with the latest in neuroscience and attachment theory to provide practical tools to break free from destructive patterns and foster a deep, meaningful connection.

Think of it as a roadmap.

It’s a valuable resource for individuals and therapists alike, offering a framework to repair, rebuild, and fortify relationships in high-conflict situations.

Expert Guidance

Learn from experienced therapists Jennine Estes Powell and Jacqueline Wielick, as they share their insights and proven strategies.


Explore actionable steps rooted in Emotionally Focused Therapy to effectively address conflict and enhance emotional intimacy.

Engaging Exercises

Practice these techniques using our curated exercises that are specifically targeted to help you maintain progress at home.

Science of Attachment

Understand the underlying principles of attachment science to navigate the intricate dynamics of relationships with clarity.


Help for High Conflict Couples has a few chapters targeting the underlying root causes for many high conflict couples.

Real-Life Stories

Gain inspiration from real couples who have successfully transformed their high-conflict relationships into thriving, connected partnerships.

Your journey starts here.

Embark on a transformative journey with "Help For High-Conflict Couples." Whether you are seeking to reignite the spark or on a quest for resolution, our book provides a roadmap to create enduring connections. Explore the depths of emotional intimacy, break free from conflict, and build a foundation for a love that lasts.

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