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Jennine and Jackie quickly bonded over their love for Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), and the relationship  blossomed.

So why are these two so obsessed with EFT? There are a ton of different therapy methods to choose from, and when you have highly conflictual couples in your office who need help fast, you want to reach for what the research says actually works. Using EFT as a therapy model, couples would de-escalate, communicate in more connecting ways, and hit therapeutic goals.

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Jennine started working with couples in 2003. After trying all the therapeutic methods out there, she moved her practice to work under the direct supervision of Dr. Mark Kaupp (a certified EFT trainer in San Diego). He began teaching her how to dive in deep with her clients to get to the root of the issues using EFT.

Not only was the research there to back up EFT, but she had her own experience as proof that it worked. Her clients began hitting their goals and improving their relationships. She loved it so much, that she became passionate about supervising other therapists in this theory. This game-changer led to Jennine opening her own practice, Estes Therapy, in San Diego, CA.

Jackie started working with couples in 2015—and had an eerily similar experience to Jennine’s starting. Jackie tried all the therapy techniques she was taught in school and nothing was clicking with the couples she was seeing during graduate school. During a lunch and learn with —guess who?— Mark Kaupp, she was taught how to talk to couples about their attachment styles and cycles of interaction in a way that could change their interactions using EFT.
For couples who had previously been stuck, things started to fall into place for them and they were finding relief. It was thrilling, and she knew she had found her therapy “home.”
When she graduated, she asked Dr. Kaupp for his recommendation for the best EFT practice she could work for in the area, and he immediately responded with “Jennine Estes.” Jackie was later hired under Jennine in 2017, and Jennine began supervising her in EFT, just as Dr. Kaupp had done for her. They quickly bonded over their love for EFT (among other things), and the relationship started blossoming.
They now share cases, clients, techniques, and EFT advice with each other. Once they both began using EFT as a therapy model, couples would de-escalate, communicate in more connecting ways, and hit therapeutic goals. (So a big thank you to Dr. Kaupp for introducing us not only to the therapy model but also to each other)!

Meet Jennine Estes Powell, LMFT

Jennine Estes Powell, a distinguished therapist and co-author of "Help For High-Conflict Couples," brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to her work in the field of couples therapy.

With a certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Jennine is dedicated to helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of relationships. Known for her empathetic approach, she combines clinical knowledge with a genuine commitment to understanding the unique dynamics within each partnership. She created the #BeingLOVEDis campaign, connecting with people world-wide to find out what being loved means to them. Not only is she a therapist for her clients, but she is the driving force behind Estes Therapy, a thriving group practice based in San Diego. Her group practice conducts over 550 counseling sessions monthly, with a primary emphasis on resolving relationship issues. As the founder, she has transformed Estes Therapy into the go-to hub for couples counseling in San Diego, offering a sanctuary for individuals and couples seeking expert guidance on building and restoring meaningful connections. 

Beyond her clinical work, Jennine extends her impact by training therapists in effective techniques for working with couples, instilling confidence in their abilities. Widely recognized for her expertise, she is a sought-after speaker and has been featured on television, in magazines, and in newspapers, solidifying her reputation as a leading authority in the field of relationship therapy. Jennine's contributions to the book reflect her passion for empowering couples to overcome challenges, fostering emotional intimacy, and building connections that withstand the test of time. She continues to teach hundreds of therapists globally to successfully work with couples with confidence. Her insights, drawn from over 20 years of experience, make her a trusted guide for those seeking to transform their relationships into sources of strength and fulfillment. 

Meet Jackie Wielick, LMFT

With a focus on couples, relationships, attachment, trauma, and emotions, Jackie’s passion is helping people find deep joy in themselves and in their relationships.

Jackie Wielick, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of her own private practice, Therapy by Jackie, and co-author of Help For High-Conflict Couples. Jackie is known for her empowering, enthusiastic, empathetic, and engaging style she brings to her therapy practice and to her writing. Jackie has been working as a therapist since 2015, and has held a passion for helping couples reclaim joy and find hope and strength through their struggles. Her clients leverage her training in research-based theories such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  This book is a result of combining her lifelong passion for writing with her expertise in Emotionally Focused Therapy and helping couples build and repair lasting connections. Jackie holds a deep passion for science and neuroscience and research based strategies for health and wellness that she shares with her clients and through her writing. 

Jackie has been working in the mental health field since 2010, where she began working as a victim advocate at a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault crisis line. Jackie then worked at the Gottman Institute, one of the world’s leading research institutes for couples and relationships, where she was exposed to their revolutionary research on love and relationships. At The Gottman Institute, Jackie began her career of mental health writing, where she wrote for their newsletters and blogs. She was then hired on as the Assistant Director of Couples Services, and had the honor of working directly with the couples who attended the institute's world renowned couples workshops for 5 years. Jackie has degrees in both psychology and sociology from Western Washington University, and then went on to get her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego State University. She worked at Estes Therapy with Jennine Estes for 6 years as a therapist, where she became the Director of Growth and Operations of the company before starting her own private practice. Learn more at jackiewielick.com.

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